Antrim Hockey Club - umpiring


Umpiring is a crucial part of the game and, as a member of Antrim, you are expected to take your turn.

Antrim's current nominated umpires to Ulster Hockey Union are Ally Napier and Les Allen.

A Beginners Guide to the Rules of Hockey

Rules of Hockey

Wanted New Umpires

Ulster Hockey Umpires are always on the lookout for men & women who are willing to umpire for the senior panel, whether for the mens or ladies game. It can be a rewarding, challenging and fulfilling experience. For those with ability and talent, the world is your oyster, with several of our top umpires regularly involved in irish, european and world tournaments.

If you are interested in finding out more what it means to be an Ulster Umpire, please contact:

Robert Johnston - Honorary Secretary, Ulster Umpires

Pat Hall - Chair of Umpire Development

Umpires Rules Courses & Examination

There have been two umpiring rules courses organised by the Umpires Committee for the new season (2016/2017).
For further details of the upcoming courses please refer to the Ulster Hockey website