Antrim Hockey Club - Antrim Sixes


Antrim Hockey Club invite you to enter teams in this year’s 58th Annual Antrim Sixes to be held at the Antrim Forum Leisure Centre from the 26th May to the 2nd June 2018.

This year's tournament is set to be the biggest yet, with additional junior and underage sections being added. This year we have also included a men’s o50 blitz section, as part of the Ulster Masters series.

The event is staged as a festival of hockey at the end of the domestic league season and is an opportunity for teams to play expressive hockey in a fun environment.

In order to enter your team and to reserve a place a place in this year’s event you must:

Complete an entry form and enclose payment by cheque to the address listed on the entry form by 24th April 2018.

For any additional information please do not hesitate to call Paul Whiteside on 07811 332 350 or via email at

Tournament Programme

Saturday 26 May
Junior Sections open to School Teams and Hockey Clubs
•U15 Boys Section (Starts 9.30am)
•U18 Boys Section (Starts 9.30am)
•U13 Girls Section (Starts 1.45pm)
•U15 Girls Section (Starts 1.45pm)
•U18 Girls Section (Starts 1.45pm)

Sunday 27 May
•Men’s Over 50s Masters Blitz event (Starts 1.30pm)

Monday 28 May (Starts 6.30pm)
•Junior Men
•U13 Boys

Tuesday 29 May (Starts 6.45pm)
•Junior Ladies

Wednesday 30 May (Starts 6.45pm)
•Intermediate Ladies

Thursday 31 May (Starts 6.45pm)
•Senior Ladies (Starts 6.45pm)

Friday 1 June (Starts 6.45pm)

Saturday 2 June
Mini Sections open to School Teams and Hockey Clubs
•U9 Boys (starts 9.30am)
•U11 Boys (starts 9.30am)
•U9 Girls (starts 12.45pm)
•U11 Girls (starts 12.45pm)