Antrim Hockey Club - Child Protection

Antrim Men’s Hockey Club child protection policy is based on guidelines outlined in the following documents;

  • Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport, Sports Council Northern Ireland 2000
  • Children (NI) Order 1995
  • Our Duty to Care NI, DHSS&PS 2000
  • Co-operating to Safeguard Children DHSS&PS 2003


We at Antrim Men’s Hockey Club are committed to good practice which protects children from Harm.  Staff and volunteers accept and recognise their responsibility to provide an environment which promotes the safety of the child at all times.


All children should be valued and treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of ability, age, sex, religion, social and ethnic background or political persuasion.  Children, irrespective of ability or disability should be involved in sports activities in an integrated and inclusive way, whenever possible, thus allowing them to participate to their full potential alongside other children (Code of ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport 2000)


Antrim Men’s Hockey Club coaches, managers, volunteers etc, i.e. those who are working with young people and/or vulnerable adults are cleared through the vetting procedures operated by AccessNI


If you have any queries regarding Child Protection then please contact –

Jonathan McMeekin

Antrim Men’s Hockey Club Designated Child Protection Officer


Matthew Whiteside